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Euromare Forwarding Ltd is an international freight forwarding company, located in Thessaloniki, Greece. Our company has established its dynamic presence in the Greek, Balkan, Mediterranean and European market by providing a wide range of services that cover all aspects of transport. The appropriate way of transporting the goods is carefully selected, based on the needs and demands of our clientele, varying from sea to air, road and rail


transportation. Thanks to the large volume of cargo along with the excellent cooperation with all shipping lines, our company enjoys very competitive rates for all destinations.

Our expertise is not limited to the transportation but also extends to all transport related on-shore activities, such as customs brokering, warehousing / 3rd party logistics, transit / transhipment formalities, stuffing / unstuffing etc.


Euromare’s policy is to reassure all customers a complete and efficient transportation that will fulfill their needs in the most reliable and cost-effective way. The long experience and presence of Εuromare’s senior executives in shipping, together with the highly skilled personnel guarantee an accurate management of cargo. The sales team is committed to provide immediate and competitive quotations aiming at the shortest transit time and the lowest possible cost. The procedure is complete only with the delivery of goods to their final destination and, therefore, all consignments are being constantly followed up by the import/export departments that also carry out the documentation tasks. All port activities are handled by our port personnel that is highly qualified and dedicated to accomplish all port procedures in the most efficient way. On a global level, our company cooperates with a reliable network of forwarding agencies in order to enhance the credibility of transportation and fully meet the customer’s requirements.


Safety and quality in transportation is of upmost importance for our company. Therefore all our activities are covered under the insurance policy of the global organization of Lloyd’s of London.

Our objective is to establish long-term relationships with our clientele, based on mutual trust and respect to the customer’s needs for any type of transportation throughout the world.

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