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Regulation for Nigeria 001/10



Please note that the Federal Government of Nigeria has decided to implement a ‘Cargo Tracking Note’ system (CTN) for all cargo to/from Nigeria. The official implementation date was Monday, January 11, 2010.

In principle a ‘Cargo Tracking Note’ has to be obtained by the respective shippers from a Nigerian Ports Authority Representative at all ports around the world for all Import containers to Nigeria.

The ‘Cargo Tracking Note’ has to be issued at the loading port and CTN numbers should be inserted in the Bill of Lading (B/L) and cargo manifests. As per latest information, which is not confirmed yet, the document fee for loading ports in Europe and Africa is EUR 50 per CTN – and one CTN is to be issued for each Bill of Lading (B/L). For shipments from loading ports other than Europe and Africa, a fee of EUR 70 is being charged.

The Belgium-based company ‘TPMS Antaser Afrique’ has been designated by the Federal Government of Nigeria and confirmed as the sole representative of the Nigerian Port Authority and as the only authorized party to issue such a ‘Cargo Tracking Note’. For your information, their website is: www.tpms-antaser.com

A ‘Cargo Tracking Note’ should also be issued for export containers from Nigeria however as per the information available at the moment, no agent has been nominated yet in Nigeria for exports.

We will keep you informed once more information is available.

For any further information pls contact our Marketing Dept.