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* Leisure Yacht from Kos Island to Dubai

26th November

A yacht owner entrusted our professional skills to transport a leisure 13m long Yacht from Kos Island to Dubai.

Euromare organised the whole procedure together with selected partners/marine surveyors to deliver the yacht in sound condition to his owner. A 40'ft Flatrack selected as the most suitable way to transport the Yacht on a container ship by a special way of loading and lashing/securing the cargo.

The adequate lashing of cargo placed onto 40'ft flatτack unit (lashing gear and status only).Lashing survey was carried out οn deck at November 24th 2012 at P.C.T premises (Piraeus port).

Cargo wαs a speed leisure yacht placed alτeady οn a steel cradle weghting around 7 mt in total.

Cargo was placed οη unit's floor (using wooden edges needed for supporting and bracing) and lashed with twelve (12) lashing belts of 50 mm LC 5.000 daN each (6 pcs attached to boat's bow,21rcs around boat's hull 2 pcs οn boat's stern αnd 2 pcs between boais cradle and flatrack). Also, two (2) lashing belts of 50 mm LC 5.000 daN each already placed between the boat and its cradle.

Cargo's length was exceeding unit's maximum by - 1000 mm.

Euromare proves once more tha know how on delivering special project with reliability and accuracy on special OOG transport.

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