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UK Customs Strike

04Th Mar 2010

Urgent Notice Please Take Note!


UK Customs “UK-Border Agency” planned strike.


The UKBA are in dispute with the Government over certain pay agreements

which the UK Government are seeking to change. Currently the talks have

broken down and unless there is an eleventh hour change of heart we are

led to believe this will go-ahead. (Union: PCS).


Strike time and coverage.


  • Strike times: 07:00hrs Monday 8th March –to- 07:00hrs Wednesday 10th March.
  • All UKBA offices nationwide will be affected.
  • The NCH should be staffed but to what strength we do not know.
  • Documentation achieving route 6 (computer immediate clearance) will do

so as normal, but route 1’s and 2’s that require UKBA manual interface will

in all likelihood not be touched till normal service resumes – and then there

will no doubt be some backlog to attend to.


Items that require manual intervention by UKBA (Likely to be affected).


  • Carnet TIR / NCTS-TIR.
  • Seals checks.
  • Examinations (Route 2).
  • Import clearance that go route 6 will be ok but TAD will not discharge till

after the strike has finished.

  • Export NCTS Transit documents require local officers to release to transit.
  • Local profile route 1’s.
  • Assistance for other offices (BIS, DEFRA and the like).


It is important to consider your traffic and what may be affected – if it goes ahead

it is nationally and therefore covers all ports and airports.


The union “PCS” website: