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Ports of Greece

Map of Greek ports

Sea container services

Our company has secured its presence amongst the leading forwarding companies in Greece especially when it comes to sea transport which is one of our major activities. We provide a variety of container services, on a worldwide basis, such as the following:
  • FCL / FCL – Full Container Load
  • LCL / LCL – Less Container Load
  • FCL / LCL – Full / Less Container Load
  • LCL / FCL – Less / Full Container Load
  • Door to Door
  • Port to Door
  • Door to Port

Our company enjoys very competitive rates from all shipping lines, thanks to our large volume of cargo, thus allowing us to offer various alternatives to our customers, depending on the most reliable service each time. Our policy is to combine efficiency with quality in order to meet the client’s needs. With the support of a worldwide agency network of reliable forwarders, we are in position to reassure our clientele the proper and accurate follow up of their cargo throughout its journey.

Euromare’s House Bill of Lading is fully insured under our contract with the Lloyd’s of London (Marine Cargo Insurance), providing to our customers the confidence and credibility that they are looking for the transportation of their cargo.

* House B/L terms and conditions are in accordance to the Hague-Visby rules and are subject to any change without prior notice.

For your easier reference below we mention some container types.

  • General purpose dry van for boxes, cartons, cases, sacks, bales, pallets, drums in standard, high or half height
  • High cube pallet wide containers for Euro pallet compatibility
  • Temperature controlled from -25 °C to +25 °C reefer
  • Open top bulktainers for bulk minerals, heavy machinery
  • Collapsible flat-rack containers for heavy and bulky semi-finished goods, out of gauge cargo
  • Platform for out of gauge cargo, machinery, and processed timber
  • Ventilated containers for organic products requiring ventilation
  • Tank containers for bulk liquids and dangerous goods
  • For more information regarding container dimensions you can consult PDF file.

Road Transportation

Greece is located at a key position in the Balkan Peninsula, connecting Europe with Turkey. The entrance of many Eastern Balkan countries in the European Union has facilitated significantly the link between Greece and Northern Europe. The simplification of customs documentation when crossing the boarders has led to a much shorter transit time and transportation via truck has become more appealing especially when fast cargo delivery is required
The West European destinations are served with combined ferry/truck transportation. The ferry service is linking Greece with the East Italian ports from one port in northern Greece (Igoumenitsa) and one in the south (Patras).
For OOG (out of gauge) cargoes or heavy weighted cargoes, our company can provide different types of special trucks such as jumbo chassis, tilt chassis etc.

Rail Transportation

The rail is a rapidly growing way of cargo transportation and can serve as either an alternative or even as solution in cases where truck transportation is not feasible or when sea container service is too slow.
Rail transportation is a fast and efficient way of delivering cargoes throughout Europe. Greece has frequent railway connections to many European countries such as Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, U.K., France, Germany and Switzerland.
The equipment used for the rail containerized service is 45’ containers (pallet wide) and swap bodies (open side)
Our company proposes multi modal transportation (truck/rail) as an environmental friendly, cost-effective and fast solution for Door to Door deliveries.

Air Transportation

A significant volume of cargo which is either sensitive to transportation or extremely urgent often requires airfreight solutions. Euromare, as an IATA member, can provide very competitive rates combining the quick transportation of cargo with a reliable service.
We can collect / distribute consignments even from locations that do not have an airport, therefore combine truck and air service and provide Door to Door deliveries in order to meet the customer’s requirements. Our company can also undertake transportation of perishable goods with Unit Load Devices (ULD).


In order to cover all aspects of transportation and provide an integrated and complete service to our client, our personnel is also qualified to deal with all sorts of activities related to customs documentation in a reliable, efficient and quick way, always looking after the customer’s interest.

  • Customs clearance / T2L

a) EU origin cargo: Most of the main Greek ports, such as Piraeus and Thessaloniki, are Free Zone terminals. Therefore a T2L is always required in order to certify the EU origin of the cargo. Our company handles both T2L issuance / clearance at a competitive cost for all import/export shipments.

b) Non EU origin cargo: For cargoes coming and destined to a non - EU member country, the customs procedure is slightly different but can also be handled by our company’s qualified personnel. For the quickest and most efficient accomplishment of the customs clearance procedure, it is important that all documents required are at least two working days before at our disposal.

  • Transit / Transhipment formalities
Being located in the northern part of Greece, Euromare has established a reliable and stable cooperation with many companies in the neighbouring countries such as Bulgaria, F.Y.R.O.M., Albania, Serbia and Romania. A significant number of “in transit” cargoes are handled by our office with the support of our partners situated in the Balkans. The proximity of Thessaloniki with other Balkan countries allows us to cover our clients’ needs in terms of transportation as well as customs documentation. Our company’s personnel is familiar with the entire documentation procedure and can guarantee a quick and reliable accomplishment of all “in transit” procedures / formalities.


Warehousing and logistics are not a widely spread practice in the Greek market and are mostly served on a third party basis due to the fact that the majority of companies have their own warehouses and they are not in need of this particular service. However, we have the possibility to apply warehousing / logistics service, via our sub-contractors, where and when this is required by the customer.

Project Cargo

A high level of expertise is required when companies are confronted with the traffic of commodities that require special handling during transportation. A significant volume of oversized / overweight cargo is assigned to our company as we carefully examine case by case the particularities of each project.
The overland destinations are served with special licensed trucks that comply with the international rules and regulations. The movement of oversized cargoes throughout the world requires special types of containers such as flats, open top containers etc. Our company can select/propose which is the most suitable container type for each case and follow up all aspects of the transport chain until the cargo’s final overseas delivery. RO/RO transportation can also be handled by our personnel as an alternative solution when the cargo volume exceeds the conventional means of transport. Our commitment is to combine safety and quality in the most cost-effective way. View Photos

Vessel operation

Euromare’s personnel has previous experience on vessel’s loading/discharging operations. The know-how of all activities related to vessel operational procedures can reassure an efficient follow up of stevedoring tasks and the accomplishment of the entire procedure in the most cost-effective way for the parties involved (vessel/cargo owners).